Questions and answers

  • Does it work with all Ableton versions?
    • It works with Ableton 10 and 11.

      Generally, it is also compatible with Ableton 9, but there are some bugs or functions missing you should be aware of. Please check the technical requirements for details.

      The KeySwitch & Expression Map is a Max For Live device. Max For Live is part of the Ableton Live Suite. If you use Ableton Live Standard you might have to buy an add-on license to use this device. Ableton Live Lite and Intro do not support Max For Live! Please find more information here:

  • Can I use it with any sound library?
    • The KeySwitch & Expression Map works out of the box with Kontakt, SINE Player, VSL Synchron Player, Vienna Instruments Player, East West, Spitfire and all other players that allow you to control articulations with Keys, CCs, Program Changes, Bank (CC0) or Sub Bank (CC32).

      Additionally, you can create your own key switches with an Instrument Rack, which lets you place Ableton’s instruments, VST plug-ins or External Instruments in different chains of the rack.

  • Is it compatible with Windows and Apple?
    • Yes.

  • Do I need knowledge of Max For Live or programming skills?
    • No, the KeySwitch & Expression Map has a normal user interface like any other device in Ableton. You just drag it into a track and go.

  • Does the device have latency?
    • The KeySwitch & Expression Map itself has no latency. However, to automate your key switches when composing with envelopes, you should define delays to use Ableton’s Chase MIDI Notes option. The resulting latency is automatically corrected by Ableton’s Delay Compensation, as with other devices, or you can set it manually in the Track Delay Section. Click here to learn more about this topic.

  • How can I pay?
    • Depending on your country, you can pay with the following payment options:

      As soon as your payment is received, you will be emailed an invoice and a download link. This usually takes less than 5 minutes.

      If you have a company based in Europe, you can provide as well your VAT number when paying.

      Secured payments are provided by:

  • Can I try out the device?
    • Normally not. But if the device should not work for any reason or you are not satisfied and you can explain this in a short email, I will of course refund your money. After all, I only want happy users!

  • Is there an educational discount?
    • Yes, there it is. If you are a pupil, student or you have a small budget, please click here.

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