KeySwitch & Expression Map for Ableton Live

Version 4.1

The KeySwitch & Expression Map is a Max for Live device for Ableton which provides you the possibility to switch in a single track easily between articulations of VST libraries or programs of external instruments with your piano, MIDI controller or automation envelopes.

  • Create 16, 32 or 64 key switches with MIDI notes, program changes or MIDI controls.
  • Operate the key switches with your piano, MIDI controller or Ableton’s automation envelopes.
  • Connect easily key switches of your VST plug-in (e.g. Sine, Synchron, Kontakt, Spitfire, Opus etc.).
  • Control remotely programs from keyboards, synthesizers, percussion pads etc.
  • Create own key switches with Ableton’s Instrument Racks or Effect Racks.
  • Export and import your presets and share them with other users.
  • Supports Instant Mapping to control multiple instances dynamically.
  • Includes a virtual control pad for your key switches, an XY controller in the display to perform MIDI CCs and a piano which shows you the pitch range of your instrument.
  • Assign additionally an Automation Key to change on the fly between improvisation and automation.
  • The design perfectly integrates into the interface of Ableton Live.
  • Detailed online user manual with many illustrations and further tips in a growing knowledge base.
  • MPE support for Ableton 11.

Max For Live is part of the Ableton Live Suite.
If you use Ableton Live Standard you might have to buy an add-on license to use this device.
Ableton Live Lite and Intro do not support Max For Live!

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Please note that the video still shows an older version of the KeySwitch & Expression Map. There will be soon a new video with version 4. Stay up to date and subscribe to the YouTube channel.

More than 400 musicians and composers worldwide are already using the KeySwitch & Expression Map. Thank you for your trust and motivating feedback!


The set-up of the device is not difficult and very straightforward. How to do it in detail, you can find in a lovely designed step by step online user manual with a lot of illustrations and a knowledge base with further tips. If you are in a hurry, you will find there as well a quick start guide which explains the interface and all features of the KeySwitch & Expression Map quickly. Additionally you can download and share presets for VST libraries or hardware on the support page.


Knowledge Base



“Automate your articulations and MIDI CCs in orchestral compositions with Ableton Live’s automation envelopes in the Arrangement View!”


I originally created this patch for own purposes, because I did not find any satisfying solution for Ableton Live to manage in a comfortable and clear way the articulations of my VST libraries.

I love working with Ableton, but you either load all the articulations into seperate tracks and scroll through them until you get dizzy, or you work with provided key switches and memorize MIDI notes and CC numbers that not only vary from library to library, but are even inconsistent between its different instruments.

Multi-Clip Editing in Live 10 has been a great new feature to edit numerous tracks simultaneously and has definitely helped to make composing in Ableton more straightforward. But it still didn’t allow me to work in the way that I had in my mind.

Finally, I had some time in the end of 2019 between two projects and decided spontaneously to build my own solution in Max for Live. Euphoric to have finally found my long awaited workflow for orchestral compositions, and encouraged by some enthusiastic musician friends, the idea came up to develop the device in such a way that it would be accessible to anyone else looking for a more natural feeling way to play or edit multiple articulations of an instrument in a single track.

So I tried to imagine what other Ableton users would like to have included in this kind of device and released the first version finally in April 2020.

Over the last two years, the Keyswitch & Expression Map has become the daily companion of more than 400 musicians and composers worldwide. This has been a great compliment and motivation to further develop the KeySwitch & Expression Map. Thank you for your kind and inspiring feedback as well as your support. I hope that I was able to implement all your wishes in version 4.

If you have further ideas, you discover a bug or in case of any questions, please write me a message using the contact form.

I wish you much success for your projects!

25,00 EUR

+ VAT (depending on your country)

If you are a pupil, student or you have a small budget, please click here.

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