With version 4.1, you can now export, import and share your key switches and settings with other users. This page should be a free share point. The idea is that in this way everybody can save a little work and not all of us have to start from scratch for at least the provided default key switches of the most popular libraries. The same applies to the onboard programs of synthesizers, keyboards, percussion pads or other hardware.

If you have made presets and like to share them with the community, you can find an easy way to upload them below. THANK YOU for your great support in advance!!!

If you notice a mistake in one of the presets, please let me know and write a message about the contact form.

Note: To use these presets, you need to have version 4.1 or higher. If you have not received the update link or you missed downloading it, do not hesitate to write me!



  • Select the preset you want to upload. You can also mark several files of a folder and upload them all at once. Alternatively, you can create a zip file and upload a whole bundle of presets for a library that consists of several folders.
  • Choose a category that match your preset.
  • Give your upload a title.
  • At Author you can enter your name. If you want to stay anonymous, you can leave this field empty.
  • Please enter your email address. This will not be published and is only used to thank you or in case of questions. But you can also leave it out.
  • Feel free to enter additionally a description which should either be published or can help me to prepare the files for the site.
  • In case you upload a preset for a custom patch that you created yourself in the VST player, please make sure to upload the player’s file for the patch as well.

Thanks a lot for your help and support!

Maximum file size: 35 MB

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