Audio visual performance
30 min
creation & live video: A-li-ce
live audio: swub
stereo / French / English / German
France / Germany 2013

Parade starts as a playground where everyone builds its own daily personal mythology, filled with words and characters. And one morning you decide to throw them away. Because this is not enough any more. And crisis can happen to anyone, any time. Then you just have put the pieces togehter and leave.

The performance is inspired by the book “The Atrocity Exhibition” by J.G. Ballard and consists of three parts.

Video documentations:

Chapter 1

recorded at L’hybride in Lille, France

Chapter 2

recorded at roBOt Festival in Bologna, Italy

Chapter 3

I don’t want to spoil the end … but let me whistle-blow … this performance is delivered including spam messages, white lights, birds, electricity, schizophrenia, and, of course, the band Abba.


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