Low Budget?

I think that making music and using good software should not be a question of money. I also studied and have been working as a freelancer for a long time with more or less income to know that you have to count your money a little every now and then. Therefore I would like to offer on a basis of trust the possibility to buy the software at half price for 14,50 EUR. Just enter this voucher code for a 50% discount at the checkout:

And to all the other smart guys among you, who have landed on this page and have to overcome now a temptation of discount … please be honest and pay the regular price.
I think that the price for the device is fair. You support the music community and reward a lot of attention to detail and idealism. Furthermore, you get a detailed documentation, so that you don’t have to spend nights in forums to fix problems.

Everyone else, do not hesitate to take the discount! That’s what it’s there for. And if you also want to support me in exchange, please recommend the plug-in to others.

Have fun making music!

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The software was developed with electricity from renewable energy sources.

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