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Report VJing Master Class 2015

Here is a little report about the workshop I gave this summer with Laurent Carlier and VJ A-li-ce. In August, the students spent a week creating a VJ set, which was presented in November at the festival Rencontres Bandits Mages. Of course the focus of the workshop was not the music, but the Vjing. So what was the reason to invite me?
Besides the historical and strong relationship between DJing and VJing, both disciplines have technically a lot in common as well. My first role was to give some additional knowledge from the field of music for about one hour every evening:

  • the roots of sampling and looping in music history
  • rhythmics as well as the structure of staves
  • dramaturgy
  • a short introduction to the music software Ableton Live.

Additionally I took care of the sound for the presentation. The footage of this year’s workshop was based on the video archive of Bandit-Mages, which includes a documentation of all projects since 1991. Out of the sounds of this archive footage, I created a 25-minute remix as a basis for the students’ VJ sets, which they presented on several screens simultaneously during the show in November.

Here are some pictures of the workshop and a video report of the presentation.