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Pyrexos with Organic Bananas

The French National Archive Centre CICLIC, which we already have worked with for Intruders, invited us to play with the music band ORGANIC BANANAS a show in Châteauroux (France) at Le 9 CUBE in the context of the festival Retour vers le future (Back to the future).
For this A-LI-CE and me developped a stage design consisting of an Ardruino controlled “time machine” with motors and LEDs, combined with a video mapping based on archive footage.
It was a little challenge to bring the machine from Berlin to France by train, but definitely the fun was worth the trouble;-)
Thanks to all the kind controllers of Deutsche Bahn and SNCF who always helped us finding a save place for our giant luggage, Gilbert Le Traon from CICLIC for the idea and all the support!!! and of course to Gregory Jolivet and Olivier Thillou from Organic bananas. It was a pleasure to improvise with you. I hope we will have a chance to repeat this!